Saturday, 24 October 2009


Now onto a bit of birds. I just got a magazine from the rspb.  I usually get one every two months and i think now i have got about 6 or 7. We get lots of birds in our garden and last year we had two successful nests. One in the hedge which was a robin nest and one in a tree wich was a song thrush.  The robins nest was so successful that in  the summer when we had a bbq we would see the robin with a worm putting it down its neck and then when it flew into the nest all of the birds would tweet and my dad would make fun of them by pretending to be them and speaking like them saying: Give me food! Give me food! ( I found he mostly did that and i mostly found it funny when he would do an expression of kitkat saying the same thing Give me food! Give me food! There is a reason why it is so funny on my cat kitkat, it is because he is always winging for food!) I will send a picture of the songthrushes nest soon!


Are you like me just absolutley love watching nature programs well if that is so than you stay right here and don't go anywhere but if not then you better read another post or just read a book( But if you will agree with me then my blog is much more interesting!)  I have watched a range of nature programs and here are the names of them all made by the bbc ( who makes most of my favourite programs!) Well the names are:  South Pacific,  Lost volcanoe, Life, Deadly 60( whitch is on CBBC)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

How Much Do You Know About CATS

I have a cat and his name is Kitkat and he loves hunting. there are lots of things you need to know about your cat especially if you are getting a kitten. Here is some information about kittens.

What equipment do you need?
When you are getting a cat or kitten. For kittens you need to have a litter tray, somes bowls that you can provide food and water in them, some kit5ten and cat food from your local petshop, and last but not least you need your kitten or cat!
When you colect it you need to get a carrier box so that it is comfy.
Once you have got it you need to give it a name if you are getting two why not name them as opposits it works a treat just for example: Shoes and Socks!
If you don't have a name I have a couple for you:
Pepper, Fizz, Bubble, Bob, Lightning, Socks.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What is this blog about?

At the beginning you might be wondering about what this blog is about well its all due to the fact that i have a very amazing garden that nature just loves but it never used to. Before the extension it wasn't as good as it is now.I am glad we had an extension because as well as changing the house it has also changed the garden and we are hopefully going to grow some vegetables next year. Hope you enjoy my blog.

My blackberry harvest

Yesterday i went to my blackberry bush to pick some blackberries and I came back with lots of blackberries.  I had a big bowl full of them. The day before Yesterday my dad went to pick some and he came back with an even bigger bowl full.  Unfortunately my strawberries didn't last very long. I enjoy growing fruit. Oh and did i mention to you about my apples. They are cooking apples. Every year we make apple crumble and apple sauce with them. If you are growing fruit i would love to hear about it.

The major nature attack

On the second night at the Bahamas my brother woke me up really early and said that he saw something brown fluttering. As usual i thought it was just one of his stories that he had made up, but no it was true there was something fluttering and it turned out to be a huge brown butterfly. I was amazed at what i saw. It was huge and it seemed to be trapped so i got my mum and dad and they helped get it out. then my brother spotted something else. It was a tarantula like spider. And it was crawling up the window. It was pretty scary and i was a bit freaked out. But then something even more amazing happened my mum spotted a wasp hive then when we took pictures of it i said i wonder what nature we'll have tomorrow.

Monday, 24 August 2009

My Pets

I have a cat and a dog. My cat is called Kitkat and he never stops whining about food and even when we give it to him he just goes around whining! But my dog called Pippin is very different but she can be a pain when we are trying to have a conversation because when we do she always wants to play fetch with her duck and bark really loud! But because my cat and dog were brought up together they actually get on very well. I'd love to hear about your pets soon!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sealife in the Bahamas

One day we wanted to go snorkelling somewhere so we looked on the map to see if there was a snorkelling place. So we had a look and we found a place seven roads up from were we wanted to go. So we found a place which we thought it was and it had a huge way down to it and you couldn't access the beach so we decided to go to a place called winding bay. Turned out that we couldn't even find it so we asked someone from the shop and it turned out that it was right next to it!

It was absolutely beautiful. As we started snorkelling my mum asked us to be quiet because there was a turtle. We saw that she was right there was a turtle and it wasn't far from the shore too so every couple of minutes they would pop their heads out of the water. We also saw lots of fish and then Oscar was under the water [my brother] and saw these squidgy orange things and they were little jellyfish. They were harmless so that was good. There were lots of different sea life in the Bahamas and i really enjoyed it.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


We have lots of frogs in our garden because 2 doors away the people have a pond. Each year we get little frogs jumping about in the grass. We also find them behind the shed as it is very damp there. You usaully find frogs in flower pots with bushy plants and in dark and damp places. As i like frogs i do not mind their habitat. If you have a big garden maybe you can ask your mum and dad to get a pond but don't get fish because they can scare the frogs.

Seeing a fox

Last night i was awake at about nine and looked out of the window and to my surprise i saw a fox one of my favourite animals. Last cristmas my brother and me woke up really early and my brother said that he just saw something brown go across the window. I had a look and then i saw it too it was a fox but there was something wrong with it. It was limping. it then went to the back of my garden and went under the trampoline and then behind the shed and so i never saw it again after that. And last but not least my dad was going to work in the office and then he saw a fox right outside the office feeling very sorry for itself. Those a some of the times that i or someone else in the family has seen a fox. contact me if you have seen a fox and you would like to share it with me.

Bird nests

In February we had lots and lots of robins in our garden. But one of them decided to make a nest in our hedge . I have always wanted a robin nest in our garden so this year I had one! It meant for me to see if I was capable to feed them too. I gave them some special robin seed and asked my dad if the grass could be longer so the birds have some extra insects. Then on Easter morning they all hatched and we had a barbecue and every couple of minutes they would go back to the nest and you would hear chirping from the chicks. I hope you might have a nest some day.

Rays and Sharks in the Bahamas

I just came back from the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago. If any of you have been to the Bahamas you will agree with me that the nature their is amazing. You just can't go their without seeing some incredible Animals. When i was their on the last day we decided to go to this area were we had been before with a bit of a reef but not very colourful just grey. Then my dad said: "What's that moving over there." I had a look and i couldn't believe my eyes. It was a huge ray. It was a metre long and had a gorging mouth! Because it was murkey it was hard to see it underwater with a snorkel, but i managed to get a glimpse of it! It was huge and it's mouth was going up and down. At that time i didn't know what type of ray it was. But i managed to identify it , it was a common stingray. If the ray was hiding i could of stepped on it but luckily i just missed it!

There was also another surprise just after the ray went deeper into the sea. This time my dad said that their was a huge fish heading this way. But it turned out that it was a shark and it was a bull shark. But luckily it was harmeless because the bull sharks in the behamas are. pheow!