Saturday, 24 October 2009


Now onto a bit of birds. I just got a magazine from the rspb.  I usually get one every two months and i think now i have got about 6 or 7. We get lots of birds in our garden and last year we had two successful nests. One in the hedge which was a robin nest and one in a tree wich was a song thrush.  The robins nest was so successful that in  the summer when we had a bbq we would see the robin with a worm putting it down its neck and then when it flew into the nest all of the birds would tweet and my dad would make fun of them by pretending to be them and speaking like them saying: Give me food! Give me food! ( I found he mostly did that and i mostly found it funny when he would do an expression of kitkat saying the same thing Give me food! Give me food! There is a reason why it is so funny on my cat kitkat, it is because he is always winging for food!) I will send a picture of the songthrushes nest soon!


Are you like me just absolutley love watching nature programs well if that is so than you stay right here and don't go anywhere but if not then you better read another post or just read a book( But if you will agree with me then my blog is much more interesting!)  I have watched a range of nature programs and here are the names of them all made by the bbc ( who makes most of my favourite programs!) Well the names are:  South Pacific,  Lost volcanoe, Life, Deadly 60( whitch is on CBBC)