Sunday, 20 September 2009

How Much Do You Know About CATS

I have a cat and his name is Kitkat and he loves hunting. there are lots of things you need to know about your cat especially if you are getting a kitten. Here is some information about kittens.

What equipment do you need?
When you are getting a cat or kitten. For kittens you need to have a litter tray, somes bowls that you can provide food and water in them, some kit5ten and cat food from your local petshop, and last but not least you need your kitten or cat!
When you colect it you need to get a carrier box so that it is comfy.
Once you have got it you need to give it a name if you are getting two why not name them as opposits it works a treat just for example: Shoes and Socks!
If you don't have a name I have a couple for you:
Pepper, Fizz, Bubble, Bob, Lightning, Socks.

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