Saturday, 22 August 2009

Rays and Sharks in the Bahamas

I just came back from the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago. If any of you have been to the Bahamas you will agree with me that the nature their is amazing. You just can't go their without seeing some incredible Animals. When i was their on the last day we decided to go to this area were we had been before with a bit of a reef but not very colourful just grey. Then my dad said: "What's that moving over there." I had a look and i couldn't believe my eyes. It was a huge ray. It was a metre long and had a gorging mouth! Because it was murkey it was hard to see it underwater with a snorkel, but i managed to get a glimpse of it! It was huge and it's mouth was going up and down. At that time i didn't know what type of ray it was. But i managed to identify it , it was a common stingray. If the ray was hiding i could of stepped on it but luckily i just missed it!

There was also another surprise just after the ray went deeper into the sea. This time my dad said that their was a huge fish heading this way. But it turned out that it was a shark and it was a bull shark. But luckily it was harmeless because the bull sharks in the behamas are. pheow!

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