Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sealife in the Bahamas

One day we wanted to go snorkelling somewhere so we looked on the map to see if there was a snorkelling place. So we had a look and we found a place seven roads up from were we wanted to go. So we found a place which we thought it was and it had a huge way down to it and you couldn't access the beach so we decided to go to a place called winding bay. Turned out that we couldn't even find it so we asked someone from the shop and it turned out that it was right next to it!

It was absolutely beautiful. As we started snorkelling my mum asked us to be quiet because there was a turtle. We saw that she was right there was a turtle and it wasn't far from the shore too so every couple of minutes they would pop their heads out of the water. We also saw lots of fish and then Oscar was under the water [my brother] and saw these squidgy orange things and they were little jellyfish. They were harmless so that was good. There were lots of different sea life in the Bahamas and i really enjoyed it.

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